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For Christmas shopping. Was at a mall yesterday and instead of kids taking pictures with Santa, there was doggies have pictures with Santa. Too cute. Two very adorable shih tzu’s were in line waiting to sit on Santa’s lap. :o) That was an awww moment. Made me wish we’d had one of those done with HBK.

I thought I’d manage to get a few things crossed off my Xmas shopping list. What did I accomplish? Zip. Zilch. Nadda. Not a single gift in sight. Bah humbug. And a trip to Coles bookstore was uneventful. No copies of Jill’s books (wanted to treat myself). The copies of PC’s new book were already tattered (sorry, for $8.50 I want my copy pretty darn pristine) so at this rate, Xmas this year will be half finished xmas cards :o)
I want to wave a wand and have my shopping done. Or get one of those elves they advertise on TV from Sears and let them do the shopping for me. *g*

So if you could have anything this year for the holidays, what would it be?

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  1. Just to let you know, you won my contest (see my blog alert). I posted on Saturday… I need an email from you by tomorrow or I’ve noted that I’m going to give the ARC away to somebody else. I’m just glad you have a blog that I can post this…..

  2. Why is it whenever you want to buy stuff, it never works? One of life’s great mysteries. I’m dreading shopping this year for that very reason.

    I don’t know what I want this year…actually, I want a maid. And a gardener. And a chef. Ah, one can dream 🙂

  3. They just might be Bailey, no doubt my luck, they strip down when they’re away and come back when its -40 and dressed in a parka. :o(

    I’m right there with you Julie! A maid would be perfect right about now. And maybe a nice personal assistant to make out my scribbled hand writing 😀

    I’m going to venture out shopping one more time this week and hope to cross a few names off my list (or at least one!!) You’d think there’d be something suitable in at least 1 store.

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