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I’ve been on some weird insomnia kick the last week or so. I think it started Christmas Eve and continues to today. Yesterday was my own personal best of waking up at 3 in the afternoon. And I didn’t even go out on NYE so yeah, couldn’t figure that one out.

Watched a lot of movies this week though. Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. Live Free or Die Hard. Shrek 3. The Condemned. Scrooge (the original) and a couple other oldies. All were better than I thought they’d be, especially Shooter and Live Free, which I thought might not be that great, but I liked it. Always liked the Die Hard movies, so glad the 4th didn’t disappoint.

Tackled the read and review pile. Remains of The Dead. A bunch of YA books, including the Arc of Audrey, Wait! which comes out uhm April? or May? Which if you like YA, definitely pick up when it comes out. Think its my fave YA so far. Another paranormal mystery, Tombs of Endearment (almost done that one). I get to tackle the tower of ARCs next which should be oh so fun. :o) I could definitely use the floor space they’re taking up lol

Tomorrow as always should be a day of excitement (erm, not really) as its my birthday and my birthday has this strange tradition of being a complete and utter letdown. I think I’ll spend it curled up with some WWE DVDs then watch the Oilers game at 7. At least that should be somewhat enjoyable. Dad took it off, so at least I should get a meal out of it if nothing else good.

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