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Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted a new blog. Sorry! Between comp issues and other stuff, I haven’t been doing much online.

Busy trying to get some Xmas stuff accomplished. Which amounts to not much lol Bought a few things for my dad, one for my mom (hard to shop when she’s right beside me). Just bought something for 2 of my bestest buds on amazon. Thanks to the $ going up, I can order from and not have to worry about the exchange rate :o)

Anyway, look for a few more guest blog tours in the next few days and I’ll try and post another blog or two before the month’s out. December could be sporadic, because well its December lol. Still hoping to get to a hockey game next month; my best friend is coming to spend a couple days with me before Xmas and I want to take a few days off, computer free.

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