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Nell tagged me, so here we go, five memories from my childhood:

1) Shopping with my dad at the Sears Bargain Centre in Regina on weekends and spending half the afternoon in the tool department, with the occasional stop in the cafeteria upstairs for jello (cut into cubes with whipped cream on top)

2) Picking my stuffed ALF toy at the toy store after passing grade one and making the saleswoman take down the entire two shelves of ALFs from behind the counter so I could pick. I took the one with the most hair. I still sleep with him on my bed :o)

3) Riding my tricycle around the basement to dad playing country music and ringing the bell on my handlebar to make him stop working and fill my bike up with gas *g*

4) Going to the lake in Regina (I forget the name!) to feed the geese and play on the swings in the playground.

5) Walking down the aisle in the Rememberance Day parade in kindergarten with the wreath from the kindergartners.

And there we go! :o)
I started to post yesterday but thunderstorms kept me offline.

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  1. Oh I remember shopping in Sears with my parents, then eating at the deli for lunch and getting a big pickle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jill 🙂

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