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Its one of those titleless, rambling posts because I don’t have a lot to say. Great game between Dallas and Canucks tonight and ‘nucks won, moving on to the second round. Woohoo!! Luongo made some great saves to keep them in the game and I have to say I loved loved loved the two open net goals at the end. Kevin Bieksa might just be my new favorite hockey player, he really impressed me in the first round.

Other than hockey, not a lot going on. Got a cute new tank top at costco on Sunday. Thinking I should have picked up two, I got the purple but I also liked the red and it fits really nice so… put it on the shopping list for next wknd I guess.

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  1. Hope the snow is all melted and you can make it out for the other tank top. Go Canucks!

  2. Tank top sounds cute! Glad you enjoyed hockey – it’s always an amazing feeling when your fave team and/or player have a great game!

  3. I’ve loving this playoff season!
    Not much going on here, either. Just trying to get some writing done…

  4. Lis if you get a chance, will you email me? I have a question I need help with. Thanks!

    alarwrtr at yahoo dot com

  5. Thanks April and Olga, its def a cute tank. V-neck with kind of a hint of a sleeve. Have to grab a pic of it one of these days!

    Hope the writing’s going well Julie! Enjoy the playoffs 🙂

    April, sent the email. Hope it got through!

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