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Well obviously I’m not online lately. :o) Aside from watching a hockey game a night (erm, what’s happened to the Dallas Stars? Did someone put something in their water?) I’ve been forced to do other things.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon outside, working on my pots. Did a soil mix, filled up my 4 big pots and one of the window boxes and seeded like crazy. Put plastic over top to keep the birds out and make a little mini greenhouse. Hoping to see some green under there soon since its been nice and warm out and should stay that way this weekend. I think this is the actual earliest I’ve seeded outdoors, since I checked my planner from last year and it was the end of May when I did them. Plus dad said he’ll buy me some new pots, so I’m happy. Plus I get the one area at the back of the yard to seed, thinking about puttings the cosmos and some of the other tall ones that got out of hand in pots there this year. Still no signs of my petunias I started so need to get to the garden centre and see if they have any seeds. Looked at wal-mart this afternoon but all they had were the fancy ones from McKenzie and I tried those last year and got nothing (but they refunded my money). Did have to transplant my tomatoes. They outgrew my starters inside and they’re already about 4 inches tall and sprouting the second set leaves. So put them into the plastic 4 packs and stuck them in the shed outside. Leaves me about 3/4 of the mold to reseed with something else. Thinking either more pansies or some zinnias, maybe carnations since I found my seeds *g*

Plan for tonight – watch the Oil-Detroit game at 7:30 and that’s about it.

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  1. I walked past the gardening center in Walmart the other day … smelled some flowers at the supermarket. Watched the neighbor kid mow the lawn … That’s about the extent of my gardening and I like it like that. Bebo, on the other hand, likes it.

    I don’t know – the water has tasted a bit funny lately *gg*

  2. *g* I hate doing the lawn and yardwork. Flowers I can handle and that’s about it.

    lol, that’s it! They’re being drugged *g*

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