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I’m trying to be a better blogger this month and hopefully things will slow down enough to let me do that more. It seems like there’s a bunch of stuff thrown at me the last while and I’m trying to stumble through it all without losing my mind *g*

So, first up, my good friend Nell is celebrating the release of her latest book, ‘Blue Remembered Heels’ over on her blog today (http://nelldixonrw.blogspot.com) Swing by and check out her blog party :o)

Second, in the good news department, my Oma is out of the hospital :o) Big YAY!!! Mom talked to her yesterday on the phone and apparently she came home Thursday, just in time for mom’s arrival tomorrow afternoon :o) Thursday is oma’s 85th birthday so I’m sensing all will be in a celebrating mood *g*

Other than that, keeping busy as always. Comp problems I hope are over for awhile *crosses fingers* so I can try and get back in the swing of things. Try to sort out which writing project to do next and a few other things.

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