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I’m debating whether to print out the half draft of Trouble and edit and add that way or wait till I hit closer to the 58-60k and print then.

But my biggest hurdle of all is the opening. Most of the time I’m good with them, know where it needs to start. But this one is a headache inducing mess. STTA pretty well had the opening set up given with the truth or dare question…but this one isn’t giving me much clue at all. I need to set the two characters up a little before I jump in but I can’t figure out how or what’s the best scene to show it.

My one cp suggested using a scene I had later on as the opening but I had that in mind for after the meet and now I just don’t know what the heck I’m doing anymore lol In fact, I’m so confuzzled I started working again on Winning Bid.

Anyone have any hints for crafting a new beginning?

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