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Since I was asked to talk a little bit about the various wips, I’ll share some
blurbs below. Most are in wip mode, though HP & STTA are waiting for an overhaul
sometime soon. If I missed one, let me know. Just going off the top of my head…

Sabrina – Yes, I know I have an offical title now (thanks Olga! *g*) but there’s a
part of me that simply won’t stop calling the blasted ms Sabrina. So Vegas Whisper,
Sabrina…all the same. Basically its the story of a girl, who on the eve of her 27th birthday finds out she’s about to get a very special gift, which unfortunately for her comes in the
form of her meddling grandmother Lila. Chaos, laughs and weird moments ensue. :o)Its been fun to write and I’ll have to share the story behind it sometime.
(hero inspiration – John Cena)

TROUBLE – well originally a spin off of B/J. What happens when you bump into one of
your circle at speed dating? This one’s getting a major overhaul, switching locales from Miami *sigh, yes I do love Miami, which erm I didn’t notice till I pulled out the notes for this the
other day. I’ve set a lot of stories there, ms and fics.* to Malibu and the characters morph quite a bit too. Originally aimed at MX, not sure where its going now…
(hero inspiration…not quite sure, he’s been modeled after a few guys at different stages)

WINNING BID – Set in the Napa Valley. Alright, if any of you saw the Bachelor when
Andrew was the bachelor? Such a cutie…anyways, I always thought it would be neat
to set a story there…and I sorta did a reversal, instead of the guy owning a
vineyard, its the heroine…
Another aimed at MX, ditto…

STTA – Originally an MX, stretched back to single title, may try it again as a
chick-lit. We’ll see.What happens when a simple game of truth or dare leads to much, MUCH more? That’s what two best friends are on the verge of finding out.Classic best friends with benefits story. Started as a fanfic if you can believe that (and SO doesn’t even resemble the original anymore)

(hero inspiration – Josh Duhamel)

HER PROTECTOR/TO PROTECT HER – Oh this is bad. I can’t even remember my query blurb for this one anymore. Taken straight off the query letter —
Imagine waking up with no memory, unable to explain your sudden appearance on the private beach and even more importantly, no explanation for the cuts and bruises that cover your face and body.
This is what Carly Sinclair faces the moment she opens her eyes and finds herself in Matt Nolan’s guest room. With no recollection of how she ended up on his beach or why she looks as though she’s been in a fight for her very life, her only clue to her identity is a near ruined photo in her pocket with what she believes is her first name scribbled on the back and the haunting nightmares of a struggle.
Matt Nolan doesn’t expect to have to play protector when he rescues the woman he finds washed ashore on his private beach. But now with her nightmares of a faceless man and the feeling that someone somewhere is watching, his once quiet life is almost completely disrupted. Add in a bar fight, a private investigator from Miami and his growing attraction that he’s determined to keep to himself and Carly is almost more trouble than she’s worth.

(hero – Leo from Charmed)

UNTITLED A – The women’s fic-ish idea. Though maybe it could have a chick-lit
flavor to it? Who knows. Two best friends steal their third best friend away for a
few days before her wedding, hoping to keep her from making the biggest mistake of
her life (so they think). Is he cheating or not? All hinges on one very important
phone call…

THAT OLD FEELING – I had to throw this one in. My Miami Vice fanfic :o) First one
that I got inspired to write about two months ago during the height of my Crockett
infatuation. What happens when Crockett’s MIA Ex comes back to pose as his
undercover girlfriend? This one features some of my favorite lines too…

(hero? uhm if you can’t figure that out lol)

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  1. Thanks Eve :o)
    Her Protector was the first manuscript I ever wrote as a straight ms, didn’t have a start as a fanfic first.
    Vegas is a fun one :o) Have to send ya a chapter send time

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