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I just noticed how long its been since I posted on here. Eeks. Sorry for the silence. But the flu stayed around longer than expected. Add that to the desktop that likes to randomly freeze up and yeah, blogging hasn’t exactly been #1 on my to-do list.

Moderated the YA chat at Enchanting Reviews last night. Was fun, we chatted with Lauren Henderson, who’s first YA came out in January. I have one more chat next Wednesday with Robin Benway then none until the 27th I think.

Other then that, still busy editing/aditing to various ms/wip.

It looks like spring might actually be here (watch, I’ll have just jinxed it) so I might try and start two of my flower pots this weekend. Actually went through and put all the seed packs that I want together in a pot in separate ziplocs last week when I was sick so I should be good to go. Just grab a bag, throw in the seeds and voila, pretty flowers in 45 or more days *g*

Totally looking forward to the start of the conference finals tonight, though the east I think should be more exciting than the west and Pittsburgh isn’t playing till tomorrow.

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  1. Lis, hugs on the flu, and if you have a chance, please remind me about the chat coming Wednesday. I’ll love to stop by!

  2. I hope you’re feeling really well by now. Watching Sid the Kid should help! 😉

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