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I get to go to wal-mart later, color me excited. Or kinda not, I don’t want to brave the back to school madhouse I’m sure is there right now. School up here I believe starts Monday? (heck who knows and who cares? I’m just glad I’m out of it *g*) so wally world is bound to be packed. But I need coke, a birthday card for my best friend, an anniversary card for my parents next week and some books. Because my TBR pile isn’t high enough and I don’t want more then one box of an ehq order this time around :o)

In case you haven’t noticed, the er, lack of talk about writing, that’s because I’m not actually doing any. My creativity has run off (perhaps to Finland? or NHL pretraining camps. Probably down in Dallas watching Modano skate or some other such exciting activity) and since it has, I’m forced to keep up with my synopsis writing workshop this month. Learning a few things, but also that the three words I chose to use to describe Sabrina, well independent may have just been a bad choice (because really, is she struggling to keep her independence? oh light bulb moment as I type, maybe she really is, I just need to add to that para…) so for those of you who’ve glimpsed Sab, what words would you use to describe her?

And in the final bit of blabbing right now, had a scary moment with my laptop last night. It decides coming out of hybernation to give me the bright blue screen of terror, telling me it has a system error gives some code and that it needs to shut down. Er okay. Let it reboot itself, where it proceeds to look like its lost EVERYTHING and wants to only go to hibernate. Somehow about the 4th time it came out of hibernate i got F8 to take and hit delete something and it rebooted like normal. But talk about shaving years off my life with that one. Must make sure everything on here is backed up tonight and that I burn to DVD the few things I captured this week.

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