A Telus Rant

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Or: Why YOU Don’t Want To Have TELUS DSL, (unless you want to be screwed)

First off, I am currently writing this via the very short amount of time I have available on dial up, yes that’s right. DIAL UP!!!

Why you might ask? Because the telus supplied ADSL D-link DSL-300G modem unceremoniously died sometime early Wednesday night, rendering me without internet.

First I thought it was just the wireless couldn’t connect, so I went down, flicked the power off and on like they usually say. Still nothing. I check the phone line because in the last 3 months we’ve been without a phone/internet because of Telus (sizzling on the line) a whopping total of approximately five days. Not that either. So I use the few minutes of alloted dial up time to quickly google and hope I can email telus for customer service. No such luck there either. And the DSL light on the modem is clearly lit, not blinking, but lit.

But google turns up an interesting board comment from someone on May 26, who seems to have a similiar issue. The tech woman tells him it must be his network card on ALL THREE OF HIS COMPUTERS. I make a mental note of that, log off and proceed to unplug modem and router for the next 4 hours.

Reconnect fails. I use the telus software to try and get it to reconnect. It scans network settings – pass; proxy settings – pass; it won’t even bother to scan the modem before it goes to the ‘call telus for help’ screen.

So I have to wait for dad to get home because its in his name, so he has to call. Fine.

I show him the same software scans, he goes through them, still the same. Calls telus. Finally gets someone on the phone. She makes him unplug the modem/router for thirty seconds. Fine. (Like that’s really going to help when I had it all down for four hours that afternoon?) Reboot. Open internet explorer. Telus pop-up in corner says no connection.

She tells him to wait for yahoo to load.

Uh, lady… it clearly says no connection.

So she has him click on diagnose the problem. Then close that right back up before doing anything (WTF?) and then has him go to ipconfig. I’d all ready done that earlier too, so I knew what was coming.

So she says, give me the IP #.

Dad reads it to her.

Her response. “Oh its a 169. your card’s fried. You need to get that fixed. Its not the modem.”

To which she hangs up.

To which I said, NO WAY. I even went to device manager where it clearly states my network cards are all working properly. I even plugged the modem/ethernet straight into my laptop, not working either. Think both network cards suddenly crashed and burned on the same day?


So here I am, on a day when I needed to be connected via DSL without it. Without a working modem… oh and get this, no place actually sells the d-link modems here, because Telus forced them out of it. Yeah, ain’t that nice??

So if you’re looking for internet, do not go with Telus. When I can afford to, I will be oh so certainly changing internet providers to someone who can actually provide what their supposed to.

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