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Happy Weekend…

Happy Saturday all!

I’m hoping the rest of the day/weekend is better than so far. Just spent five hours installing, uninstalling, reinstalling and updating Norton Internet Security 2005. *feel the excitement* Its sooo annoying to have to stop and reboot after every little thing it seems. I counted 8 reboots and I think that wasn’t even all of them. The worst part was/is I couldn’t get much done while it was downloading so no email, no websites, nothing. So I grabbed a hard copy of chapter 2 which now will bleed into chapter 3 and started rewriting. Weird random piece of Lissy trivia, I seem to write this story better using a gel pen. Weird, wacky, but true. So right now I’m using this real pale green one that under my desk lamp doesn’t even show up. I’m predicting great fun trying to type that up this week.

Spent most of my Friday night out at the Worlds Longest Game. Wasn’t bad, we didn’t get home till 2ish. Some people though, omg there was the biggest b*tch I’ve ever met in my life there, along with her three little bratty kids who never learned to say excuse me. They kept bumping right into my purse with the camera in it with their little hot chocolate in their hands. I wasn’t the only one a little p.o’ed with them. The disc jockey got ticked when they started throwing plastic wrappers into the fire. I mean jeeze, teach your kids some darn manners.

Wasn’t too cold out last night, especially around the bon fire. Another small piece of Lissy trivia, cute, hot young ref guy definitely checked me out woohoo! lol It was funny too because at first he was standing over on the one side of the fire then he goes over and adjusts the speakers and moves over by me. He’s nice though. :)The B I mentioned above was trying to say that the one hot tub broke because they didn’t change the propane tank on it Wednesday night and he was arguing back he changed it and that wasn’t the problem. (Apparently her brother owns it, well la dee da) We were all quite relieved when her and her little gremlins who were making torches out of sticks decided to haul off.

Tonight should be good, the players break the record @ 11:13 pm Mountain Time. There’s going to be live music and fireworks when they surpass the record, but the players don’t know that bit yet. Should be quite the crowd tonight too. Guess all the media is there setting up all ready.

What elsey…hmmm can’t think of much else at the moment. Will try and catch up on emails this week, yahoo is a tad bit overwhelming at times and still not used to sorting through my email on there yet. May have to spring for the pop3 version if I can afford it this summer.

“This isn’t hell, but we can see it from here”
~back of 2005 WLG shirt

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