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Went out running errands most of today with dad. Headed to costco, grabbed some groceries and came home. Oh and renewed my liscense. The picture sucks. Though I won’t have photographic proof for 2 weeks because they know need to mail it to me. And the chick had an attitude. Just my luck. Dad had the perky girl as he was renewing his membership and I get that one. Add in wind gusts the likes of which we haven’t known all spring and I’m gonna end up looking like a shaggy dog in the photo. And she didn’t even offer me a 2nd chance photo like they did last time… *sigh*

Rant over


  1. Olga

    Hugs, Lis, and maybe you won’t look too bad in the photo? Mine is not too great either, sigh.

  2. Lis

    I hope so. Dad said it probably looked worse on the monitor. But the good news, it might make me decide to overcome the panic attacks and actually take driver training so I get a new picture lol

  3. Bailey Stewart

    Mine could be used for a mug shot. Honestly.

    Just taking a break and checking blogs. Then I’m back at it.

  4. Lis

    *g* Glad to know I’m not the only one w/ a bad pic! hehe

    How’s the writing going?

  5. Bailey Stewart

    It’s not going today – but maybe this evening.

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