Excited? Not so much…

So I should be really excited right about now, tomorrow night’s my first NHL game in about three years. I’ve got a really great seat…AND now the rumor’s out my fave player may not be playing, he’ll be a healthy scratch. (3rd game in a row)

Oh freaking goody.

I may be pained to cheer for the Oilers if Dallas pulls this BONEHEADED stunt.


Off to steam and listen to DJ’s Heartbeat cd.

4 thoughts on “Excited? Not so much…”

  1. Well he didn’t play :o( He was a ‘healthy scratch’ and I didn’t even get to see him, though I think I may have spotted him as a speck up on the catwalk near the press boxes.
    But had an okay time anyways.
    Cheered for Dallas and had the guy beside me ask if I knew any of the guys on the team since I was cheering so hard.
    And apparently dad and I got on TV at a few points! *g*
    So not ALL bad, just no Janne

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