Just called & got my EIN number, my one major thing off the to-do list. Apparently after 4am mountain time is a great time to call, because I got through and had my number in about eight minutes. Probably would have been shorter if I hadn’t had to double check the spelling of my last name. 🙂 All she asked was if I had the form in front of me and we went through the numbers from the different boxes. Beyond easy.  Read More →

    Welcome to my first foray into Sneak Peek Sunday. Here’s six paragraphs from IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES out now.   Josh was already in the kitchen when she walked in. Her eyes still held that familiar sleepiness to them, and he knew she wasn’t anywhere near fully awake. He reached his hand out to touch her as she passed by him to grab a glass from the cupboard. He watched in awe as his hand went right through her, a pins and needles feeling rushing up his arm. “They’re on their way to tell her,” Gabriel said from across the room. He tiltedRead More →

are probably not a good thing, unless they’re the sparklers you light up around holidays. Unfortunately, yesterday I got the bad ones. Pretty blue in color though. For the last week, I’d been having problems with my laptop switching from power adapter to battery and not going back, it’d drain the battery, shut down and then…nothing. It wouldn’t charge. I’d check all the connections, move it, plug it in somewhere else and then the blue light would turn on and it would start to charge. I’d googled. Its an older laptop and it seemed like maybe it was a connection and possibly the motherboard. Scary,Read More →

It’s like a little touch of spring already on the blog with the above picture 🙂 Fitting since I just put the first few seeds of the year into the ground today. So here are the rules (copied & pasted) 1) Thank the person who presented you with the award and link them in your blog post. 2) Do the Q and A that comes with the award (see below). 3) Present the award to 10-12 other bloggers and link them to your blog. Okay then, here we go: 1) Thanks to Virginia Kelly for the tag 🙂 2) Let the Q&A begin! Favourite Colour:Read More →

I always end up making soundtracks to the manuscripts as I write them. Probably because I can’t write in complete silence, and I also can’t write with someone right beside me. 🙂 Since the first draft of If Tomorrow Never Comes was written about uh thirteen years ago now, it’s had some additions to it along the way, it’s tripled in size from the first draft and the soundtrack of course is no different. I can’t find my original soundtrack list from back then, but here are a few songs from the most recent version. ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ of course, I love Garth’s versionRead More →

Temperatures are warmer. The soil isn’t as frozen as it was a few days ago. The flowers I bought are already in the ground, which just leaves the seeds that need to be planted. Need to go through my seeds tonight or tomorrow and see what I want to put together, but that means I should be able to really go play in the dirt in the next few days. Can’t wait! Especially since I couldn’t find any verbena plants yet, I’ll try my hand at growing my own from some of the seeds I bought last year.  Read More →

After that last post about snow, we got hit with one last blast of winter and best part? Right on the day I’d gone out and bought flowers. So had a kitchen full of potted and hanging baskets until the temperatures went back up again, but we are now pretty much snow free. Ah, how nice it is. I can dig out the runners and sandals instead of the snow boots.  Read More →