I’m slowly crossing things off the to-do list. Three things crossed off so far this weekend. Going to sprint tonight for awhile and hope to get some business letters for sample edits done as well as get a start on typing up a bunch of handwritten pages. I’m back on my ergo keyboard so see if that helps at all or if I end up with a lot of typos lol    Read More →

The title of the post pretty well says it all. I may be trying to do way too much at the moment and it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall and can’t make a single decision. Manuscript A is with two readers at the moment and I’m anxious to see what they say, considering I’ve doubled it in size from the original version of the story 12 years ago. Which I still can’t believe it’s been that long since I first did that one. I’m also trying to get things done business wise which is so headache inducing. I still need to send out editingRead More →

They weren’t scheduled to be delivered till Wednesday but I woke up this morning to my shoes at the door. 🙂 Talk about some nice motivation to get things rolling again. Not only are they really cute, but they’re super easy to walk in which I’m so happy about.      Read More →

THE END. I wrote another marathon 15-17 hours from yesterday afternoon straight through the night till early this morning. I think it ended up being over 17000 words but anyways, I hit those two sweet words – THE END. Such a relief and adrenaline rush to finally be able to type them. Finally crashed after that for a good 7 hours of sleep and woke up feeling better than I had in awhile. There’s still a few tweaks I need to make before I send it to the beta readers for their feedback. (Chapter 7 especially) but I told myself the other day if IRead More →

I may have pushed myself a little too hard yesterday/early this morning on that marathon writing session. I slept from about 8 this morning to just before 5. Managed to stay in a bit of a brain fog for a few hours after that and it’s just now starting to fade now. I’ve had the manuscript open for two hours and managed to revise almost 2000 words but all my oomph and motivation has gone straight out the window. There’s literally only about 40 more single spaced pages for me to go through, but really…the words THE END aren’t even motivating me at the moment.Read More →

I am amazed and very proud of myself right now. I stayed up all night and worked pretty well non stop for the last 12-13 hours and retyped, revised, edited, rewrote almost 14,000 words. The only reason I’m taking a break right now is because my hands are just now starting to feel it a little. If I can keep the momentum later today I may just actually finish this pesky little project today and get it to at least one of my lovely beta readers to peruse this weekend. So if that happens I plan to reward myself with a little chinese food andRead More →

Hit the 75,000 word mark on the revising this week, which has honestly been a long time coming. My original estimates on this one was about 75-80K and I think I’m going to be way over that. It looks like there’s at least another 60 pages that need to be looked at so this one could turn out to be in the 85-90K range instead. I guess my high school english teacher was right when she said I wrote novels not essays. I am apparently long winded when I want to be lol Did ten fresh pages of writing today too, thanks to my wonderful,Read More →