Thirteen Favorite Christmas Songs 1. Merry Christmas, Baby – Elvis Presley2. Baby, Its Cold Outside – Dean Martin3. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley4. White Christmas – Bing Crosby5. I’ve Got My Love To Keep My Warm6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Doris Day7. Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Michael Buble8. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Jessica Simpson9. The entire NKOTB Christmas CD10. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey11. The Boney M Christmas CD12. Holly, Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives13.Christmas Without You – Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers Links to other Thursday Thirteens! (leave your link in comments, I’llRead More →

Your home is a Philanthropic Athlete’s Mansion Your kitchen is actually a GNC franchise, though all you really need are your Power Bars and Red Bulls. There’s a Chocolatessen, which is rapidly becoming your favorite room of the house. Having one is also becoming a trend among your wealthy neighbors. Your master bedroom has an on-call masseuse and sports therapist. Your study has current issues of Sports News & Sports Illustrated, marked with a highlighter for better preparing your fantasy sports league. One of your garages houses your Hummer, and others contain your H2, and H3… with room for an H4, if they ever inventRead More →

How long have you been interested in cooking? I’ve been interested in cooking for as long as I can remember. My most vivid memory of this interest was at age seven. I remember well because we had a babysitter one evening and I wanted to learn how to make an omelet. She told me I had to be eight years old to use the stove. I couldn’t understand what difference a year would make and she had no good answer to that, so in the face of my persistence she let me do it. She hovered and fretted and clucked until I was done. ItRead More →

Not blogging as often as maybe I should be, but I’m still around. Busy doing some last and much needed rewrites before hitting send on a couple requests (aiming for Dec.1st). With any luck, I can take December off and just deal with Christmas and finishing off the review books that are taking up half a shelf of the overcrowded bookshelf — which needs to be re-organized too one of these days. Most of the cards are done and should be dropped into the mail tomorrow morning if all works out. Need to wrap one of the Xmas presents for one of my long distanceRead More →

To my American buddies :o) Today in Canuckland, I shall enjoy my homemade pepperoni pizza and listen to the Oilers game on the radio. Ah the joys. *g* For possibly the first time this year, my inbox is SILENT. Apparently everyone on my loops is fully dedicated to Thanksgiving this year! I’m still busy editing my little heart out. Cut a bunch of things that didn’t move the story forward and now I hit a gap that I’m not sure what will fill at the moment. Need to look at the last draft to see what I had before and if its usable or not.Read More →

You can visit Diana’s website at Interview with Diana: What inspired THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE? I knew I wanted to write a story about a woman who was terrified around sexy men—pathologically shy. So it made sense to make the man not just anyone, but literally THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. It made the conflict huge—which of course makes it more exciting. Did you come up with the title yourself? I had a title I loved. But when my editor came up with SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, I knew it was a winner. Sometimes, it just hits and you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”Read More →

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted a new blog. Sorry! Between comp issues and other stuff, I haven’t been doing much online. Busy trying to get some Xmas stuff accomplished. Which amounts to not much lol Bought a few things for my dad, one for my mom (hard to shop when she’s right beside me). Just bought something for 2 of my bestest buds on amazon. Thanks to the $ going up, I can order from and not have to worry about the exchange rate :o) Anyway, look for a few more guest blog tours in the next fewRead More →

(posting for Bailey) by Loreth Anne White The book was done, the last page read and yet I sat there holding it in my hands, unwilling to let it go. The sounds of the neighborhood slowly emerged from the jungle in my mind; I had been so engrossed that they had been shoved back into the shadows of Ubasi. Usually when I like a book, I jump up immediately and write the review; but not this time. I want to savor the feelings that still pour through me; its story holds me in its grip. What to say, how to articulate the sensations brought onRead More →

Come and join author Deidre Knight for a pre-release “cocktail hour”celebration of PARALLEL DESIRE’s publication! Hosted by her e-loop, we’ll be chatting, doing giveaways and trivia from 4:30 to 6:00 pm EST on 11/9/07 at the TKA chat room! Come one, come all and have a blast with us for a special TGIF!!Read More →

What sparked the idea for ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS? A naughty husband. He escaped getting a lump of coal in his stocking by letting me use him for the prototype of one of the characters in my book. Why did you write a Christmas themed book? I love Christmas. And I love a good Christmas story. I have almost every Christmas movie ever made. And who knows? Maybe someday someone will make my book into a Christmas movie! Favorite scene to write? Boy, there were a lot. Most of them involved a poor clueless husband named Glen Fredericks, who found himself on a steep learningRead More →