The Pink HeartSociety is having another online party at their yahooloop, this time featuring authors from the Blaze line. If theRomance party a few months back is any indication, this one will beTONS of fun! So if you have questions about writing for Blaze, have a bookthat you’ve read recently that you’d like to tell us about or justwant to meet these lovely ladies with their searing hot herostelling us about their latest releases then pop on by and let’s makethem very welcome!!!! Just look who’ll be there! Lori Wilde Leslie Kelly Stephanie Tyler Dawn Atkins Tawny Weber Sarah Mayberry Cindi Myers Jamie Sobrato LoriRead More →

Got the link from Bailey’s blog. Actually when you read the little notebook thing, I was surprised how right on some of it was. Read my VisualDNA™ Get your own VisualDNA™Read More →

Thirteen Random Things about Lis 1…. I didn’t start swearing till I was 17 or 18 2. I have two stuffed dogs on my desk 3. I love planting flowers from seed 4. When I was eight I fell off a skateboard and skinned off the right side of my face. (didn’t scar thankfully!) 5. I’m allergic to bee stings 6. I’ve been a WWE wrestling fan for 20 yrs this month. 7. I have two scars on my forehead, one from running head first into the steps of a slide when I was 2 or 3, the other from hitting the corner of myRead More →

Since I’m brain fried from the write-on challenge (which I’m finally cruising back into after a few days of zilchness) let’s talk books. Whatcha reading? Whatcha want to read? :o) My tbb list is long and getting longer the more loops I find myself on lol Reading — I’m finishing up THE REST FALLS AWAY by Colleen Gleason. Great historical paranormal. The next in the series comes out in June and I’m already looking forward to it. Fun book to read. Just picked up Lori Wilde’s THERE GOES THE BRIDE after reading the excerpt. I realized looking at the bookshelf the other day I seemRead More →

Well it finally feels like spring. Except for a few gigantico hills of snow in the backyard and one in the front, its all pretty much slush or magically melted away. Saw my first butterfly today followed by two more. Guess its time to break out the box of seeds and start planning my pots and garden. 🙂 Went out for awhile last night. Didn’t quite feel like it, but didn’t feel like staying at home either. Ended up winning a jacket *g* Which came as a total surprise. Its a nice one and kind of funny because last week at Costco I was lookingRead More →

Please, don’t all rejoice at once *g* I think it was some nasty 24 hour bug, but today I feel better and celebrated by ordering pizza hut. Not enough sauce for my liking but still, real food. Yay!! In the write-on 20 pages/14 day challenge I’m at er, well 17 for Monday; 2 yesterday before I fell icky and today so far… Z E R O. I’ll change that soon. Settle in upstairs and finish off the scene I was playing with Monday. So far the heroine and her new spunky friend (who showed up out of nowhere) decided to show off one of theRead More →

Even though its Tuesday. Did fairly good on the challenge yesterday, 14 typed pages and three handwritten scribbled down during RAW. (Amazing how inspiring HBK can be!) Feeling a bit ‘ugh’ though right now. Nausea to the hilt. Not fun. Just managed to drink a pepsi, so yay on that. Have no idea what I feel like I could eat right now. There’s a turkey sandwich in the fridge but even the thought of bread right now is a big uh no thanks. Other than that, trying to get some work done. And its starting to snow again here. Hard little pellets of snow thatRead More →

That’s probably the question I’ll be asking all weekend while trying to get myself organized for next week. I optimistically signed up for Michelle Rowen’s write-on challenge. Goal – 20 pages a day every day for 2 weeks. Which would (scrap that, which will!) get me done the first draft of Dangerous Games. (which currently sits roughly at 15K) Ah yes, good times. I’d conveniently forgotten that 20 page point till I saw Michelle’s blog. So, while I’m scrambling this weekend (well not really, this one’s got a pretty layout of the story in my head and the main branches of the story are sortaRead More →

Bad bloggie I am, I haven’t replied to everyone below, but uh an issue has arose and I’m both clueless and severely nervous. When I try to open my WORD files from the laptop on the desktop, it says they’re corrupted. Every single one of them. EVERY single revamped chapter. So basically, calm and rational me is asking WTH do I do????Read More →

Since I’ve been getting a lot of great books in the mail this week (and I bought three last weekend — Innocence & Impropriaty by Diane Gaston; the newest Jo Leigh and Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella all as a reward for when I finish the edits! *g*) I thought I’d ask what everyone’s reading lately and if you’re not reading, what are you looking forward to picking up?On my list for the month:* Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day* Remember The Alimony (saw it at wal-mart last wknd and didn’t pick it up, kicking myself now lol)* The Nymph King by Gena Showalter* SuccubusRead More →