Dallas is officially out of the playoffs :o( The only good news is now #4 can go have surgery on his ankle, which he should have done earlier. If anyone out in Texas wants a gameworn Dallas jersey, go by the stars site and enter. The *&*&@$@(* apparently decided only residents of Texas can win the jerseys the boys wore this year *grumble grumble* Guess it doesn’t matter if your a fan if your out of the stateRead More →

I realize I may have used that blog title somewhere, sometime before. But its all I could think up at the moment. So I’ve been a little lax in the posting lately, sorry. Between bouts of just ‘yuck’ in different aspects of my life lately I haven’t felt like spending much time at the comp.Read over some bits of HP & STTA and realized just how much work its gonna take to get them ready to submit in the AT3 contest, which I’m determined to enter something in. Well one of them lol I need to practically cut HP in half *last version topped outRead More →

Just finished THE WARRIOR by Heather Grothaus. Such an awesome book. If you haven’t read it yet, do!! Since I’m really lazy today and can’t think, I post the back blurb for you below: Tristan D’Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival–a man who has secured Tristan as his stepdaughter’s betrothed. Determined to get his due without being trapped in marriage, Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the beautiful face of the woman who haunts his dreams. SheRead More →

Well obviously I’m not online lately. :o) Aside from watching a hockey game a night (erm, what’s happened to the Dallas Stars? Did someone put something in their water?) I’ve been forced to do other things. Spent most of yesterday afternoon outside, working on my pots. Did a soil mix, filled up my 4 big pots and one of the window boxes and seeded like crazy. Put plastic over top to keep the birds out and make a little mini greenhouse. Hoping to see some green under there soon since its been nice and warm out and should stay that way this weekend. I thinkRead More →

Eve tagged me, so here we go:Six Weird Things About Me~ Love tomato sauce, soup, ketchup, but will never ever eat a straight tomato much to the chagrin of my parents.~ Love corn chips, not so much fond of actual corn anymore~ Used to cover my steak in vinegar before eating it when I went out to a restaurant to eat.~ I don’t like creasing books, bending pages or otherwise damaging them. I’ll even dig through a pile of books just to find one with the least damage.~ Sadly addicted to WWE wrestling. I can give you names, heights, weights, titles won of most ofRead More →

Okay, I’m hoping (desperately hoping) someone will know what I’m talking about. Somewhere in cyberspace, next month, there’s a workshop on writing paranormal. To join it was about $25 or $35 US (this I remember) but the link or who’s having it or who’s giving it is gone. I was SURE I’d bookmarked it, but alas, its not there. It covered a bunch of things, like stuff about the different types of paranormal. Ect. If you know what i’m talking about, I’d be eternally thankful! :o)Read More →

American Title III They always say that good things come in threes. So once again Dorchester is offering all unpublished authors a chance to participate in the American Title contest, co-sponsored by Romantic Times.This year we’re looking for contemporary romance: chick lit, romantic suspense, paranormals, romantic comedies and anything that falls in between.The finished manuscript should be 80,000-90,000 words, but to start we just need the first three chapters and a synopsis that summarizes the story from beginning to end. Send your entries by June 1st to:AMERICAN TITLE III Dorchester Publishing 200 Madison Ave., Suite 2000 New York, NY 10016Please note that “unpublished” refers toRead More →

Finally found the Dallas stars playoff schedule. All I knew before was they played Saturday afternoon (yay for Centre Ice, or I wouldn’t have seen it!) and Monday night. Now originally Monday night had me worried, since its the same night as my beloved RAW and really…its almost equal, watch Cena, Shawn and Carlito or watch the dallas stars play…but TSN made up my mind for me. They’re showing the game with RAW immediately afterward! woohoo!!! Happy dance all around.Read More →

Oooh I feel all Saturday night live all of a sudden *g* Course its not the weekend, but hey close enough. So, I don’t remember if I blogged on this last week but I finally started my seeds inside. Didn’t get all the ones planted I’d hoped (Zinnias and Dahlias still aren’t in, neither are the marigolds) but did get a flat each of pansys, petunias and snaps plus half and half peppers and tomatoes. Uhm, should it worry anyone that in under a week my tomatoes are an inch tall? Yes? No? I can’t remember if that’s the norm or not. Snaps are upRead More →