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American Title III
They always say that good things come in threes. So once again Dorchester is offering all unpublished authors a chance to participate in the American Title contest, co-sponsored by Romantic Times.
This year we’re looking for contemporary romance: chick lit, romantic suspense, paranormals, romantic comedies and anything that falls in between.
The finished manuscript should be 80,000-90,000 words, but to start we just need the first three chapters and a synopsis that summarizes the story from beginning to end. Send your entries by June 1st to:
Dorchester Publishing
200 Madison Ave., Suite 2000
New York, NY 10016
Please note that “unpublished” refers to authors who have never had a full-length novel appear in print form.
Eve so very kindly sent me a link to this the other day. Remembering my reading last summer this seems to fit in. And I know which one I’d sub (not Sab!) but what happens if you’ve got agents reading partials of something else? Does unpublished mean unsold? I’m confuzzled. Think this calls for a google search.

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  1. Please note that “unpublished” refers to authors who have never had a full-length novel appear in print form I think that’s exactly what it means Lis, someone who has never had a full-length novel appear in print. Doesn’t say anything about agents reading anything.

    You missed a fun time today.

    Off to bed now.

  2. Cool. I’ll reprint the first three chaps then and go into editing mode. Doesn’t seem like there’s gonna be any agents reading Sab, got a form R off the query letter from my top choice this morning :O(

    Sorry I missed the fun yesterday! Mom had the comp most of the day then Dallas (and *gasp* Janne) played last night

  3. I’m about to go into writing mode myself. The Shalvis has given me my orders.

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