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Did this week go? Just me or did it pass by super fast? It wasn’t a bad week though, 2 agent requests to see Chey *happy dance* I’m printing out the release form tomorrow and getting it in the mail this weekend. One agent said I could sub the partial either by snail mail or email, I’m opting email because its quicker, cheaper and 99% better chance of it actually arriving. :o) (I’m still traumatized over the 3 missing partials from the summer of 05).

Woke up early this morning (well early for me — 8 am) so I wouldn’t miss the chat with Deidre at ten. Amazed I woke myself up without an alarm clock since I’m usually a night gal and don’t fall asleep till 2:30 – 3 anyways. But there I was, watching mindfreak till chat time and working on inputing Nell’s crit. (btw, thanks Nell!)

Looking forward to the weekend, probably give myself a day off of polishing and just veg out. My belated Xmas gift from 2 of my best friends arrived (they gave me gift certificates last year) that I finally used, Miami Vice Season 3 and Mindfreak Season 2. So I think I’ll curl up with the laptop and watch some Sonny Crockett and Criss Angel for inspiration :o)

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  1. Congratulations on the requests!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! If I EVER finish my wip maybe I’ll be able to get some too rather than living in envy ;o)

  2. TWO requests? You are awesome!

  3. Thanks April and Julie :o) I’m so stunned, never expected YA to be this popular!

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