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I’m not sure if its the weather, the mid book slump or what, but I’m definitely in the throes of a writerly blah day. (Let’s not blame this on that pesky insomnia! On the good side of that though, I did finish off 2 books and start a regency which I’m really enjoying)

Sabrina isn’t exactly interesting me at this moment. Two a.m brought some new thoughts, which just may work. Though I need to email someone *eeks* and hope she’s kind enough to answer a few research questions for me. Crossing my fingers on that one. I still have 50 some odd pages that need a home somewhere in the story. Need to take a GOOD look at my timeline and play with it a little. So far seems the first half is the dates and then her dealing with the mess that’s been created in her midst. Not sure that totally works or not.

And away from Sabrina, I have two other story ideas perculating. Which at the moment seem FAR more interesting (I’m blaming that on the Blahs above). One I’m gonna need to do some research for and the other, the research could come next wknd. The second I thought seemed like a romance but now its suddenly going a complete other way and lending itself to a bombshell idea. Not that i mind, I love the line anyways and have a couple half completed ideas (not completely my fault, requests for others came in and took over, leaving S & R sadly abandoned)

While watching Hitch the other night, my dad turns to me and goes “Any story ideas yet?” Gee thanks dad, like I don’t have enough already. *insert eye roll here* Though it did prompt a few thoughts that could work in an old ms.

A quick plea to the hockey gods before hitting post, if the Isles do make a trade, please oh please, west coast team, west coast team :o)

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  1. The writerly blahs really bite, don’t they? I’ve been there for a long time.

    Here’s hoping the blahs lift soon!

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