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First off, watching RAW last night and the tribute to Eddie…it was so well done. From the moment it opened till Cena put the belt over Eddie’s shirt at the end I was tearing up and crying. I can only imagine how hard it was one those guys to go on with the show on Sunday.

Making a little progress on Sabrina, didn’t write Sunday or Monday but managed to type up the notes this afternoon and write in an impromptu writing chat with Kelly. So far I’m up about 5K from where I was Saturday so I passed the 30K mark and am almost over the 35K hump.
Might pass that tonight if I keep going or tomorrow if I decide to cut it short and go up and watch Gilmore and Supernatural. So we’ll see.

Anyways, that’s the update for this week. Tomorrow and Thursday won’t be around much, watching hockey :o)

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