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Stress sucks.

Plain and simple.

Today it caused extreme pain in my ribcage. It seriously felt like I’d been shot *sigh* So not good. Cut my afternoon work to zero because I couldn’t move. Couldn’t lean forward, couldn’t change how I sat. I could just sit there and try to breathe.

Guess tonight will be another late night to make up for it.

Onto other news now (sounds like a newscaster!)
Still no progress on ripping the DVD. I tried one but it had the screen size down so small if you played it on a tv later it would be like watching it on a gameboy screen. So that really doesn’t work at all. I thought NERO had a way to rip DVDs but can’t seem to find anything. Have to see if I can find something this weekend.

Watched Smackdown last night. Highlight was definitely Randy slapping the Undertaker. Oh bad Randy, bad…that can only lead to trouble. At least WrestleMania’s shaping up to be a pretty great card this year. But back to the Smackdown show, is it always that boring???? Even mom mentioned it, though she thought part of the problem is the announce team. And Tazz and Cole certainly aren’t JR and The King by any means. They are really rather dull. But who else is there that could take over? Coach? And the guys actually wrestling over there. I can count about 6 who I’m actually interested in seeing in the ring
~ Taker
~ Angle
~ Big Show
~ Cena
~ Eddie on a good night and Rey
~ Dudleys

Which leads to me a question, where ARE the Dudley Boyz??? And that poem Heidenboy read, what was that about? Creepy. Loved the match between Jannetty and Angle, really made it almost worthwhile to watch the whole two hours. If I was Vince or Stephanie, whoever’s in charge at the moment I would have met him behind the curtain with a contract and pen in hand. Put him on either brand, the guy can move. And he took Angle for a good fifteen-twenty minutes. He could be a decent mid carder. How about him versus Jericho?

The Big Show sumo match. Could prove interesting. Looks like he’s put on about twenty to thirty pounds for this one. I’m guessing he’ll win, though Butterbean did take out Bart Gunn at that one Wrestlemania. Should be interesting, hope the ring can hold up to that much weight!

Quick note on the Divas, why are there suddenly so many? I could only recognize Dawn Marie and Torrie. Weren’t there other original WWE women on Smackdown or did they suddenly disappear?

And why oh why is JBL (I still can’t picture the old APA Bradshaw as this guy) still champ? He has no charisma (Christian’s buddy Tyson Tomko has more), can’t wrestle and can barely conduct a half decent promo. I hope he’s not the guy coming over for Randy if there is a trade.

Enough babbles!

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