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Managed to get caught up in 2 of my workshops yesterday/today. Did the writing assignments and posted. One we had to strip down our writing down to a ‘bad writing’ level, just bare bones. That was a way more painful assignment then I’d ever imagined. Between choosing a scene that would work and then stripping it down, a three page scene went down to about one and a half. I saw a few places in the ‘original’ where I can go back in and add some layers, so made note of that then posted both pieces. Looking forward to seeing what she says.

The other one I posted last night in the weapons for writers course. We had to take a weapon from the lesson and apply it to a scene in our WIP, so I gave my heroine the keychain that doubles as an alternative to a set of brass knuckles and it actually turned out pretty good. So I think that scene will be making it into the story 🙂 And I had an aha moment on why she’d be carrying the keychain in the first place, means more rewrites in the revision but I think it’ll work well.
I still need to figure out if I get Works back in an application recovery on the old hard drive. Most of my old manuscripts are in works format because that’s all I had when I wrote them. When I upgraded, no works on the new drive which equals a whole load of stuff I can no longer access on here. Eeks!

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