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the workshops this month. One has been extended into November by a week so that gives me a little more breathing room but four of them are wrapping up this week, and three of those I just happen to be a bit behind in. Need to put in a few hours tonight and try to catch up on at least two of them.

In the website workshop, we were working on headers. I can’t find an image I like for mine so I’m leaving it with the default moon image right now till something clicks. Maybe I can do something when I get my cover images one of these days. Also realized I *might* need a tagline. Added that to the ever expanding to-do list.
Actual writing this month isn’t that much. Spending some time rewriting scenes for certain classes. A few I’ll keep and put in the next draft, but some of them I’m afraid I’m losing my voice in, so we’ll see what happens with those. I get what we’re supposed to be doing with the layers and all, but I’m also starting to think it might lose what’s really going on in the scene.

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