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Aside from its now 2009?

I meant to blog earlier, really, truly did. But then things happened and took up my time away from blogging. So let’s play catch up, what’s new?

Birthday was okay. :o) Got my nice new office chair (which wasn’t a present, just was picked up that day) Its so comfortable! Way better than my decade old one that was giving me back pain and this one tilts, which is nice. Dad got me a rolodex which I’m surprisingly using more than I thought I would. Went to my favorite pizza place for dinner. That’s about it there.

Taking a workshop this month on freelancing, still playing catch up from last week. Its interesting. Teaching me to ‘think outside the box’ of what I could do articles on, which I guess is always a good thing.

Watching MHL this week. I love Most Haunted. Really. Truly do. So its been a good belated way to spend the birthday. Can’t believe they put Julian in the coffin! lol

Other than that, not much new. There may be a new YA idea in the works, not all that sure yet…

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  1. Hey there!

    You entered my Query in 140 Characters or Less contest over at the Swivet and then deleted your post. I had a saved copy of it, however. Your pitch was longer than 140 characters but it was really good; I’d love to see your query if the book is ready.

    All the best,

    Colleen Lindsay

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