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It’s up. I uploaded ITNC to kindle on Monday about 6:30 my time. A friend said it probably wouldn’t go live till 1am my time, I said that’s no problem, I’m a nightowl anyways just gives me more reason to be awake lol Got an email at 10:48 that said it was live. Clicked. 404 error. At 1:48 am it finally popped up live. I had a moment where I thought oh my pretty 🙂 when I looked at it.

Hard to think the original, first draft of that book was written 12-13 years ago. I never, ever imagined getting it published or indie pubbing it at first. But last year when I got serious about thinking which manuscripts I had that had potential, it made the list. And it also didn’t seem at the time that it would need a lot of work (ha, right!). It evolved from a 40K first draft all those years ago to topping 110K right now. Who knew?


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