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Its snowing.

If I had a pretty digital camera I’d take a shot out the window for you. And its not the nice dry snow either. Its the wet, sticking type that almost makes you trip when you go outside to check the mail. Almost fell twice, once on the steps and once going over the fence.

I’m SO ready for it to be spring. Really. The seeds are sitting near the desk, waiting to be sorted into what’s going into a pot together. Which ones need to be replenished. Which ones I don’t really plan on using this year… but see, for me to plant, the snow needs to go buh-bye. I have it on good authority Bailey *waves* likes snow, she can have all of it that’s supposed to fall between now and Sunday. Go, enjoy! :o)

In writing news, *sigh* not much to report. Story that shall not be named continues to go on and on… and did I say on? And there’s a new character who showed up on the weekend, a very talkative character… she’s going to have to go to the back of the line. And be careful of Harley, she’s not used to her fangs, she could bite unexpectantly.

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  1. We have snow today. sigh.

  2. Sorry about the snow. This time of year is so hard when spring is just around the corner…taunting you. That’s why I moved to Florida 🙂

  3. Sorry about the snow, but what do you expect in Edmonton. the joke, summer was July 6.

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