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Finally making some good progress this week. Well, month actually. I’ve added about 30,000 words to the revision of one manuscript (the old original version was pretty short) and if I can get through the really emotional scenes this weekend, I can print it out and spend next week revising on a hard copy. Always fun to see your mistakes glaring up at you in print. 🙂

I bought the cover image for the story as well tonight. I’ve spent about a month trying to find an image that fit. I thought I found a few in the last couple weeks, but the hair on the one girl just kept bugging me and there was no way to fix it, so I crossed that one off the list. Then the two premade covers came off the list, one someone else was already using the image in the last while and the other didn’t go over so well with a few people I showed it to. Finally last night I stumbled onto the perfect shot, and grabbed it tonight. Once I figure out the lettering issue, it’ll be all set to go. Hopefully be able to post it to the website by Christmas.

In other good news, my promo postcards I ordered for myself finally showed up today. Have to say they look awesome. So happy with them. At least they got here before Xmas as I’m sending a couple to my grandma and great aunt and uncle so they can see what the covers look like since they don’t have computers. Anxious to hear what they think.

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