Light at the end of the tunnel

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Or so I hope.

This cold that keeps hanging on seemed to get new life on the weekend. Back on the nyquil and hoping it goes away permanently. Its made keeping up with the workshops a little tougher than I’d hoped. I’m pretty well completely lurking in the mystery one and playing catch up in the Story Safari. Though I think I should be able to be caught up tomorrow. Just waiting on feedback on one assignment to see where I am.

Revision wise, I’m so tired of this story. 🙂 Which hopefully means it’s good and once I move the new scenes in, take out some of the old that don’t fit anymore and send it off for one last look through I can finally release it. Looking forward to that. I’ve never had a character change her name this many times before. Also trying to finish off the book trailer, which will be one major hurdle off the list. Nero seems like it may finally be cooperating, which is really nice.


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