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  1. I hope you mean just scrapping the R and not Sabrina?? (taps foot meaningfully)

  2. ((Lis)) Try thinking of it as fate — Sabrina has a good home waiting for her out there, but it just wasn’t with that particular publisher. (You can ignore my advice if you like, though — I’ve never done a proper submission in my life!) xx

  3. Well yesterday afternoon, I was tempted to scrap all of Sabrina.
    Now I’m thinking maybe just this version of it?

    Thanks Jess! That’s the way I should look at it. It just sorta smacked me over the head out of nowhere.

    Didn’t help either I was listening to the radio show with my fave clairvoyant telling another writer oh to stretch out her manuscript, she’ll sell in March *picture me pulling out my hair at that point*

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