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Original title huh? :o)

Its about as creative as I can be right now, without quoting my John Cena CD.
“You want some, come get some” reminds me of that sign a few weeks back on RAW, Oh We Want Some. Couldn’t have said it better myself *g*

So Sabrina’s giving me headaches, literally. Could be migraines. But three days in a row the ugliest headaches I’ve had in awhile. I even changed the light bulb to a brighter one in case its too dark where the comp is, so see if that helps.

It might be a good thing I’m within 3K of 50K on Sabrina right now. Found out yesterday Dad’s booked to go in for surgery on his shoulder December 5th. Which means we have to get all the Xmas shopping done, mailed, ect. by then and not too mention the tree up, and figure out what all else we need done before then. The joys.

I’m thinking I might make myself MORE insane and try to figure out one of those other 2 on the sidebar over there and send a partial in to M&B; before Xmas. Stupid yes??

Enough rambles right now, but a long enough post that you all don’t think I’ve been lost to NaNo which I kinda have :o)

Oh does anyone know what the heck happens when you upload your text file on the nano word count page? Is it supposed to change your word count or something?

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  1. Um, it supposedly gives an “accurate” word count because formatting changes word count. *shrugs* Stupid thing.

    Congrats on your progress!

  2. Okay, thanks for the info Dream :o)
    I’ll clear the word count before I upload it again, see if that helps any.

    Thank you! Couldn’t have done this much without our working chats!!

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