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The rejection letter on Something To Talk About came this afternoon. Which explains why there wasn’t an email back I guess.

It was a personal rejection, not a form (which woulda scarred me after 20 weeks). They thanked me for my patience (and so do my fingernails) and basically said I have an enjoyable, fluent and polished style and created interesting characters with some good scenes of interaction between them. However, Brit and Jas aren’t for them.

Oh yeah and they feel my style shows promise and would encourage me to submit a fresh partial keeping the above (and more detailed notes) in mind.


Not likely to take them up on that little encouragement any time soon. :o/

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  1. I’m sorry it was a no this time but wow! that was a great letter. Basically they’ve given you the key you need to sell. You have all the basics right. They want a fresh partial!!! You can do this!

  2. Thanks Nell!
    Hope so. I’m trying to take the weekend off, get caught up on a workshop I’m taking and then see what I have or what I can come up with next.

  3. What Nell said. Lis, I’m very sorry about your R, but I hope you’re holding up, and the R was a nice R, though it sounds like oxymoron. If they want a fresh partial, it means they like your voice and your writing! Best of luck with the partial!

  4. Thank you Olga!
    Holding up not bad, just trying to find something else to work on and brainstorm a few ideas if anything comes.

    Gotta thank you guys for all the hugs and support! Its so nice to have right now :o)

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