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Happy March!

Time’s flying by. Doesn’t seem like its been two months since Christmas or almost three months since Dad’s shoulder surgery.

Vacation going well. As promised no actual ‘writing’ is being done, though I am playing with titles and trying –keyword– to do the blurb. The joy of being a writer never ends does it? *g*

But in more exciting news, picked up a few seeds at Wal-Mart yesterday. I have a bunch of my own from last year I saved but didn’t manage to get any Lobelia so I got two colors of that and a nice red alyssum seed. Thinking of doing one pot all red flowers if I can manage, with maybe some white thrown in. We’ll see how that turns out. Still need to find the one I saw last time we were there and now they’re sold out of 🙁 Another couple weeks and I can start some of my plants indoors. I have 4 flats I usually use (great ones with a capillary mat so I don’t have to water from Lee Valley) so trying to figure out how much of what to plant. Definitely want pansies. And snapdragons. See what all I can fit in.

Other than that…nothing too exciting. Adding to my TBR pile. Got Jill Shalvis’ HER SEXIEST MISTAKE in the mail today, can’t wait to read that one. Plus I have two other blog reviews to put up this week over on eHQ.

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  1. Yesterday must have been the official Walmart day!

    You’ll love Her Sexiest Mistake – it’s wonderful. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thanks! HSM looks great, read the first 5 pages last night. Another one bumped to the top of the pile lol

    Could have been, the wal-mart here was busy and only 3 tills open. *cringe*

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