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Not much time to post today. I’ve spent the afternoon *gasp* exercising. Used the air walker and thankfully so far — knock on wood — no knee pain. So happy about that.

Have to dig through my ms box as it seems I’ve somehow lost the first ten chaps of HP on the hard drive. Where they went I don’t know but they are gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. (Maybe I should have typed byebyebye, well now I’ve got that darn Nsync song in my head *g*)
Other then that, will tape RAW and be watching the Oil game in 9 minutes. If they win they knock the wings out and I may be able to go to another hockey game. Which is always more fun in the playoffs :o)

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  1. No luck on finding them on the comp so far. can’t figure out where they went. Did find the hard copy I originally sent in to HQN, so guess i’ll work off those.

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