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Change of Luck

Since it was such a nice day today, I grabbed my 2 boxes of seeds and headed outside to sow the 4 big pots and the window box. Man it was HOT!! And foolish me, because my hair’s so long, usually when I go out in the heat I pin it up but this time I just kinda knotted it at the back and went out. I didn’t realize I had my back to the sun and my hair down… so now wonder I felt a little whoozy when I went inside. 🙂 Too much heat, too soon! But its a beautiful day out so I can’t complain.

And even better, no sooner had I come in then the UPS guy pulled up outside. Now since he usually makes a few deliveries every week to the neighbor I didn’t think much of him parking in front. Till he came to the door. Turns out to be the prize I won at a chat last month straight from the publisher. Not just one book, but three 🙂 What a way to kick off the weekend! hehe


  1. Olga

    Hugs about the heat, and awesome about the prize! Enjoy the books!

  2. Lis

    Me too Jess! Especially when you aren’t quite expecting them 🙂

    Thanks Olga 🙂 Read the first 60 pages of THE LEOPARD PRINCE last night. Kinda different.

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