I spent the last three nights doing all nighters, finishing off last minute revisions on something before sending it off. Realized it was a lot more gappy then I thought it was when I officially called it done a little while ago. Amazing what distance on a project lets you see. Debating on diving into the revising of one other project right away or taking a bit of time before I do. I neglected the workshops last week to put my full concentration on the project and I’m a bit behind in one. Just started reading the notes on plotting by theme and it looksRead More →

Feels like I just blinked and it’s suddenly September. Seems like I missed most of the summer this year. Hoping if I feel better this week I can actually go out and enjoy some of the nice weather before it changes. Sent out some of samples for one of the manuscripts this week. I need to check and see, I think I missed two editors on my list to send it to. Sent out some questions to references and tweaking a few things on the next set of letters. It’s interesting to see the different editing styles when the samples come back. With any luckRead More →