Apparently the muse has returned from her stay in the tropics and actually remembered I exist 🙂 I managed just over 5200 words revised tonight, thanks to the help of some sprints and then kept it going for a few more hours on my own. Also managed to move a few scenes around that needed to go earlier in the manuscript. They make much more sense where they are now. With any luck I can keep this pace up for a few more days. The next few chapters should be okay, I don’t think they need a lot of revision, just going over a fewRead More →

Trying to make a big dent in the progress on this manuscript before the tempting new idea gets a hold of my muse and this one’s relegated to the back of the hard drive for awhile. Spent a few hours doing some writing sprints yesterday and revised a surprising 9K words. I was aiming for at least 5K. 🙂 If I can keep that up for the next few days, I should have this one completed, and aside from trying to rename a couple pesky characters, it should be ready for sending out for editing (of which I am so looking forward to!) and myRead More →

I love when inspiration hits. I was talking with a friend on twitter and noticed a passing tweet on the timeline about something I used to watch years ago. I went to youtube and looked it up. Two hours later I’ve got a brand new story idea in my mind that I’m really excited about. Even better it slightly meshes with an idea I had a couple years back that I have a few pages of. So either I can tie the two together or I can go in a whole new direction and use the old idea later on as sort of a spinRead More →

I couldn’t get onto the website to post a Happy Canada blog, so belated Happy Canada day. 🙂 Didn’t do much exciting for Canada Day. Ordered a pizza and watched the fireworks at 11:00pm. They were nice, some new ones this year. I really liked the red and white one that sort of went like a box. That was cool, but I wish they would have been able to get them up a little higher in the sky. Some were so low didn’t get to see much of them from where I was. I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. Try and getRead More →