the workshops this month. One has been extended into November by a week so that gives me a little more breathing room but four of them are wrapping up this week, and three of those I just happen to be a bit behind in. Need to put in a few hours tonight and try to catch up on at least two of them. In the website workshop, we were working on headers. I can’t find an image I like for mine so I’m leaving it with the default moon image right now till something clicks. Maybe I can do something when I get my coverRead More →

Managed to get caught up in 2 of my workshops yesterday/today. Did the writing assignments and posted. One we had to strip down our writing down to a ‘bad writing’ level, just bare bones. That was a way more painful assignment then I’d ever imagined. Between choosing a scene that would work and then stripping it down, a three page scene went down to about one and a half. I saw a few places in the ‘original’ where I can go back in and add some layers, so made note of that then posted both pieces. Looking forward to seeing what she says. The otherRead More →

Feeling a little stressed right now. Was already behind in my workshops this month because of the whole hard drive install issue and now had some more things dropped in my lap. Today has literally been filled with head hitting the desk moments. There is so much to do it’s overwhelming and not having a 100% working computer isn’t helping that much. I think I’ll make a to-do list and try to go through it one at a time. Maybe then I won’t be so overwhelmed. It’s definitely worth a try, right? On the good side, I did get a handful of things accomplished thisRead More →

October is rushing along. Monday is Thanksgiving, which is so hard to believe. Makes me almost look forward to January. My big plans for the weekend are new drive in the computer since the old one is acting up. Upgrade to Windows 7 which I’m not really looking forward to at all. Looks like a hassle and I actually like Vista. Also need to catch up on my homework from the writing workshops and try to research web hosting since the website workshop is up to the domain and hosting stage. Lots of varying answers on the web hosting thing. Of the two domains IRead More →

October is going to be really, really busy. Maybe I should have planned better. 🙂 Not only did I sign up for a few workshops that started yesterday and today, but there’s at least three more I want to take that start within the next two weeks. One on websites, that means I need to finally get a domain name which equals deciding pen name or no pen name (so debating back and forth on that one) along with homework in the others already. Plus there’s new products I need to put through on zazzle, almost two dozen of mom’s latest sketches to scan andRead More →