Every step I take brings me closer to the realization of my dreams.So by posting this, I’m supposed to talk about the above. How something I’m doing or have done I guess, is taking me closer to achieving my dreams. Obviously, I’m going to talk about about writing :o) Shocker? lol I’ve been writing seriously since June 2002. That was the month I had to put my beloved 4 year old dog to sleep, six weeks before his 5th birthday. He spent so many hours at the top of the stairs, staring down watching me write that my mom told me I should try writingRead More →

Readers often ask what inspired me to write The Amen Sisters and where the idea for the book originated. The idea came to me around 1990, about the time that I was able to start talking about an abusive church situation I had experienced a few years earlier. I had a story I wanted to tell, but I had no idea I’d tell it in a novel. I wasn’t even a published author at the time! Sometime in 1998, I think, after publishing seven romance novels, I signed a contract to do a three-book, Christian romance series with Tyndale House Publishers. The first book inRead More →

Am I the only one who can’t believe the date? Where did the last month go? I am so not ready for Christmas to be so close. Things aren’t anywhere near ready. Writing stuff isn’t anywhere near ready and I wanted certain things done and taken care of well before now.But I am working on the last few pages of one project that are making me pull my hair and go ‘argh, what are these characters thinking?’ but I refuse to let it sit and simmer any longer. I want at least a week writing free and its going to be over Christmas :o) IsRead More →

Quick note: Sorry for the delay in getting this up on the blog today. Comp issues kept me offline till 4pm MTN. Although she was raised as a Military Brat, Marilyn Celeste Morris was born in her grandfather’s house in Toronto, Texas, a small Southern Pacific Railroad Section six miles west of Alpine. Perhaps as an omen of what would be the next twenty years of her life, the railroad’s abandonment of this settlement shortly afterward left her with no “permanent” home. Schooling consisted of Dependents’ Schools while overseas, in Seoul Korea, 1946-47 and Linz, Austria (1949-1952) and various schools stateside. A rarity for aRead More →

The chaotic theme to the week continues, or at least continued the last 2 days, today’s still undecided lol. BFF phoned from the airport Wednesday, the flight from Ottawa to Edmonton got in early, so she was about to hop in a cab. Or so she thought. The airline lost her luggage, she had to spend half an hour with the baggage claim people (and they still proceeded to put the phone number down wrong) and then thanks to the sudden bit of snowstorm we were having, took about an hour to get a cab then make the slow drive through Edmonton. So she arrivedRead More →

Guest post by Jean. My name is Jean Hackensmith, co-author of the “Passage” saga. The final book in the time travel romance saga, “The Ultimate Passage”, was released this past September. I have been writing for thirty years, yet when Cheryl from Pump Up Your Book Promotion suggested that I write a guest post for Lis that addressed where I found my inspiration for writing the 11 books I now have in print, I was stumped. “The Ultimate Passage” was inspired by readers who demanded a fourth book in the saga (which was originally supposed to be a trilogy) but as for the others, IRead More →

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately w/ everything keeping me crazy busy. Edits that take forever or block me completely leaving me to stare at the blinking cursor. Christmas presents that are bought but need to be wrapped, packaged and mailed (erm, yeah… still sitting on the desk) not too mention the ones that actually have to still be found and bought. In fact the only present that’s been mailed has been the one I bought off Amazon and had sent to Philly instead of me. I’m thinking next year, that might be JUST the way to go. But the cards to the statesRead More →