Can you tell the type of week I’ve had? Its been a weird one. I heard some people say maybe because of the eclipse. Could be. I just know things were odd lol On the good news side, Chey’s story got its first request :o) Yay woohoo and mega mega happy dance. Used my 25 word high concept pitch from the workshop this month and it sounded interesting to agent A, so get to email a partial next week. Its been so long since I’ve had anything out there, I’m a little nervous. Plus its the first story I’ve written first person… so yeah. ButRead More →

Has anyone seen the new Vancouver Canuck uniforms for this season? OMG. They are horrible. I’d upload a picture, but I can’t bring myself to look at it longer than necessary. Go to if you need to have a look and check under NHL. Uh yeah. I think if I want a Sedin or Bieksa jersey, I’m going with the old style. I don’t care how stretchy and lighter the material is for the players, that thing if FUGLY! I mean why put VANCOUVER on there? The old ones last season were so much better. Kinda anxious to see what the rest of theRead More →

Decided to post about one of my favorite reads this month. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of HUNTING THE DEMON by Jaci Burton (squee and happy dance!) After reading the first in the series (SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND) I couldn’t wait to read the next. And Jaci does NOT disappoint with HUNTING (releases August 28th, available for pre-order). IN A WILDERNESS SEETHING WITH SIN AND SEDUCTION, THE CHASE IS ON. Hunting demons for a living can have its moments. Especially when Shay Pearson’s latest quarry is the gorgeous bronzed surfer who just stepped out of the sea. Uncovering Nic Diavolo’s devilish side couldRead More →

Sorry about the extended gap between blogs. Been B-U-S-Y. Had a brilliant aha! moment on my YA wip, thanks to my high concept workshop and suddenly the story’s been flipped on its head and I have 10K new words just from the weekend. Makes me feel better about all I’m going to have to cut. The story’s going in new directions I never thought of, and its definitely better so that’s good :o) Already making my agent querying list. Thanks to everyone whose lurked or stopped by during the brief break from blogging. Say hi and come out of lurking if you want :o) MegaRead More →

I totally feel like I’m on the hamster wheel, running as fast my legs can go and getting nowhere fast. Its like I’m drowning in workshops. I’m drowning trying to do the 70 Days of Sven/Fast Draft/Word War challenge whenever those go. And I’m zonking out. Someone got a life preserver? (and odd that name isn’t it?) Anyhoo, the blog’s might be spuratic for awhile. Its only the middle of the month and there’s still some good chunks of workshop left. I have to print out my 54K (woohoo!) of Cruel Summer and take advantage of my revisions course. (And at least by the endRead More →

I have nothing really in mind for this post. So like Matt Hardy’s rambling myspace blog at times, I’m just going to go with whatever comes into my mind in whatever order it comes in lol The third workshop I’m taking this month starts off tomorrow. I’m not sure taking three in a month was the wisest idea I’ve ever had, but I’m trying to keep up. Learned a few things so far and am anxiously waiting to learn/create my roadmap for revision in the one workshop. I’m very tempted to take my few favorite scenes from VW and cut the rest and just rewriteRead More →

Today’s Thursday Thirteen brought to you by the letters H, O and T. :o) Thirteen Heroes from my Stories/WIPS 1. From my current YA WIP – Cruel Summer, the perfect picture of my bad boy JT, none other than Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby 2. Jas McIntyre from Something To Talk About, Josh :o) This is the black and white one that soon as I saw it I knew I had Jas perfectly cast, esp. the hair! *g* 3. Josh Again, because he’s still an unnamed character in DG. 4. Leo from Charmed was my Matt from Her Protector 5. The evil Dr. Will from BigRead More →

Thumbelina Zinnias, dwarf stocks and what were supposed to be mini english daisies (all from seed) Bonanza Marigolds, single portulacas and not opened yet, starshaped Dahlias (seeded again) Two jumbo Zinnias amongst the sunflowers, cosmos, night scented stocks, scabiosa (seeded) Other side of the circle flower bed, more Zinnas, night stocks, cosmos, sunflowers, scabiosa (seeded) African daisies, Cerinthe (love this flower!) and you can’t see the some of the others in there but there’s the ones that look like little mini snaps but aren’t. (all seeded)Read More →

Can I just say symantec tech support is absolutely CLUELESS?? I emailed last night when it disconnected me from chat that I couldn’t get my firewire/1394 to work, so obviously its the firewall. And they emailed me back and told me to get my internet connection back to simply TURN OFF my firewall. How stupid is Norton?? Answer – extremely. On to better news, there is a rather nice entry up this week over at contest junkies if you like voting in writing contests. I always thought Stone was a cool name *wink*Read More →

AKA when the computer decides to go to @(#*$) I’m aware my desktop is finickity. Its been that way in all of its 5 years. It lives on a metal desk, so I’m sure its even more picky about the cold then other comps. And since it rained this morning and still is, I figure it’ll be cold and need a few minutes to warm up. (I will admit in winter, I throw a fleece blanket over it for almost an hour before booting it up) So I flick it on finally and it boots (a miracle itself) when it decides to hang oh soRead More →