Today was my lucky day. I won a 3 chapter crit from an agent (my erm top choice actually), courtesy of Romance Divas :o) I had no idea until Nell im’d me, and I was stunned speechless at least for a few seconds lol So yeah, since its the same agency that requested Sab I have to think of which other project to send. But I’ve already made contact and she said my name’s familiar lol Good sign I hope?? hehe I’ll have to email her tomorrow for a few more details (and wait anxiously for my microsoft word program to arrive!)So yeah, that’s myRead More →

For Christmas shopping. Was at a mall yesterday and instead of kids taking pictures with Santa, there was doggies have pictures with Santa. Too cute. Two very adorable shih tzu’s were in line waiting to sit on Santa’s lap. :o) That was an awww moment. Made me wish we’d had one of those done with HBK.I thought I’d manage to get a few things crossed off my Xmas shopping list. What did I accomplish? Zip. Zilch. Nadda. Not a single gift in sight. Bah humbug. And a trip to Coles bookstore was uneventful. No copies of Jill’s books (wanted to treat myself). The copies ofRead More →

Wow, blogger’s working! I’ve been trying to add a new post since the wknd and every time I try its down with system errors. Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming lol Happy Thanksgiving to all my American pals :o) Still working on the synopsis of suckiness. Other than that, not a lot going on. Doing Xmas cards this wknd hopefully and some shopping. I only have like 2 things bought, and I thought I’d be more ahead this year. Oh well.Read More →

As much as the title sounds like a cute forward, it more the describes the last 4 days. * updated router firmware, lose internet access, have to reinstall internet software – 6 hours later, still no internet, still installing software again (which suddenly loses files even though its the original cd that worked fine 6 months ago) only does restoring to factory defaults do anything… and even then I had to guess my way through setting back up the internet because, they’re too smart to give you a manual. But you can IM them through ecare for help — hint, only works if your CONNECTEDRead More →

With another request… This time its by my top top choice. So needless to say, agent who wanted an exclusive, now isn’t going to get it *g* Get to spend the weekend polishing, so if you’re one of my trusted cps, be ready to see something in your inbox soon soon soon!!Read More →

I’ve been tagged!Nell’s tagged me with this one, I’m supposed to share five things about me which you may not have known before. Alright, here we go — 1. I was home schooled off and on from grade 4 on… (grades 4/5 and most of my grade 11/12 subjects except for English AP and Accounting/Finance) 2. I’ve been a WWE wrestling fan for 20 years next spring, so I’ve got a vast (weird?) knowledge of wrestlers, moves, title histories, ect. I even made my dad take us down to Calgary in 1997 for the day so I could go to my first ppv, where weRead More →

How’s the fellow NaNo’s doing?I hit 900 and a few words, can’t log into Nano because I lost my cookies and unfortunately can’t remember my password. And I’m not sure I like the story. Or my heroine. And the sorta kinda hero (its a paranormal comedy formerly known as chick-lit) isn’t quite real to me yet, so his dialogue sucks and frankly if I was her, I’d be walking away from him too. By this time tomorrow, i’m hoping it gets better or I’m morphing it into something else. Like a funny women’s fic without the paranormal.Read More →