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As much as the title sounds like a cute forward, it more the describes the last 4 days.

* updated router firmware, lose internet access, have to reinstall internet software – 6 hours later, still no internet, still installing software again (which suddenly loses files even though its the original cd that worked fine 6 months ago) only does restoring to factory defaults do anything… and even then I had to guess my way through setting back up the internet because, they’re too smart to give you a manual. But you can IM them through ecare for help — hint, only works if your CONNECTED to the net.

* polishing up partial. Move updated file to desktop, add to it, then accidently delete old version of file and new version together… panic attack ensues. Recycle bin shows both as same size file (the small size) keep panicing. Finally after restoring one and moving it to different folder and restoring the 2nd one, which was of course the added to one, finally get entire 2 chaps back. Break diet and grab nearest caffeine fix.

* when burning DVD of hockey game, with 10 minutes to go, plug in capture device thereby rendering burning halted and inoperable. Ruin dvd in burner, waste 4 hours encoding time and get to do it all over again…

So its been a FUN 4 days, and that’s just the highlights. Since the router update its now taking 2 hours to move a file that took 30 minutes before. And it keeps dropping the network which is what the one was doing before we replaced it to this one. *hits head on desk* Tell me this is going to end soon?

Anyone else having any tech problems lately?

PS – Thanks to everyone who posted congrats below, will reply more to it later today since its 2am here. :o)

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  1. Hugs, sweetie! Lis, I’m so sorry to hear about your tech problems, and I know how frustrating it can feel. I hope it’ll get fixed, and I’m keeping fingers crossed for your partial!

  2. Thanks, the router keeps acting funny with the network, but hopefully that’ll clear itself up (fingers crossed since I have a bunch of files I want to move back and forth this week)
    Thankie! Still smoothing a few things out and have the synop to do (eeks)

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