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So it seems.

Friday I felt good enough to get out of the house for awhile. Picked up an easter present for dad, bought some chocolate, couple books (Amanda Quick’s SECOND SIGHT which I’m quickly devouring and Heather Grothaus’ THE CHAMPION) and found a couple t-shirts since most of mine are getting pretty craptacular.

Saturday was a blur of nothingness. Didn’t watch the habs game, but ha ha, they’re out.

Did watch the Isles game today. Woohoo on them being in the playoffs. Go Smytty Go! And Bergie, and Poti and DiP if he’s back soon. Amazing shootout. So glad for them. They deserve it.

Which makes me liking 4 out of the 8 teams in the East – Ottawa (Mikey); Pittsburgh (Sid & Georges); NYI (see above + jason blake) and Tampa (Vinnie and St. Louis.) The west is easier. I like my Canuck boys. :o) The Sedins and Sopes and Cookie and Luongo. I think I saw a tv schedule in my inbox. Funny, I wasn’t all that excited about hockey the other day but now that its playoff time again, that seems to have changed. I’ll have to schedule writing/blogging around hockey again *g*

New idea struck the other night. At 3 am, and it kept repeating in my head loud enough to make me sit up turn on the light and write it down. 3 pages double sided, so we’ll see where it fits in the mix of things later. It’d be a shorter one though, which is a HUGE relief than the never ending story that’s plaguing me now.

Hope everyone had a nice easter!

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