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Wow, didn’t realize the last post was #450, I’ll try to hit 500 by the end of the year :o)

Been very busy lately. Actually went out driving on the weekend which I hadn’t done in years. But since dad was getting rid of the car, he thought since I drove it new I should drive it when it was old (12 years). So I went out on the highway and didn’t actually do too bad. Only got nervous once when a pick up tried to pass me on the left as someone was turning right into his lane.

Chapter polishing still going on. Funny thing about first person is making sure she sounds the same all the way through. And I found a missing scene or so I thought. It’s at the end of my print out pages so moving it back to where it belongs in chapter 2. CPs have the first chap to look at and hopefully get chapter 2 over to them tomorrow. Would like to hit send on it next Monday if possible.

What else is new? Long weekend passed. Got a pizza from my favorite pizza place, Boston Pizza. Nothing reminds me more of Rexall/Skyreach/Hockey games then a slice of pepperoni and mushroom and a coke. :o)

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  1. You don’t drive? I’m jealous. I wish I didn’t drive 🙂

    Good luck with the polishing. That’s funny about first person. I hadn’t thought of that little nuance. I’d like to write a book in first person one of these days…

  2. Nope, its been erm about 10 years since I did anything more than back the car up in the driveway lol Might change now though, I might be more comfortable being a little higher up behind the wheel.

    Thanks! So far, its going good. I didn’t think of it either till I read the print off. Its a nice change to write in first I think 🙂 Give it a go sometime!

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