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Working on editing/revising one of my manuscripts right now. Taking a break from working on the cover because I can’t get the font right. All the fonts I like don’t look good or readable as a thumbnail, and the ones that do look okay, I don’t like. Hoping I find one somewhere that’s readable and I really like.

Taking a workshop on editing this month. We’re going through the manuscript looking for words we can cut. I started with 423 ‘look’. I’m down to 264 at the moment and would like to nudge that number down some more. The only bad thing is some of the words we’re looking for (ie could and seem) I can’t seem to come up with rewrites for, so the number of them in the manuscript haven’t dropped that much yet. I’ve also read over certain chapters so many times I can quote the dialogue. Not sure if that’s a good thing, or not. :o)
I’m still trying to find an old website I had bookmarked. It was geared to writers and had lists of alternate words for things like look, said, etc. Thinking I may have lost it when I put in the new hard drive. Thought I’d printed out the info, but I don’t see it in my revisions folder. If you know what I’m talking about and remember the link, please feel free to share! :o)

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