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Or soon to be. Apparently tomorrow and Wednesday we’re poised to get the worst winter storm since 1989. The winds got up pretty good last night and I guess a friend of ours had some siding blow off his house. We lost power once today while they were repairing it since some of the city lost power last night (we didn’t) so I may be quiet on email and blogging the next few days. Really not looking forward to this. We’re due to hit the late -30s plus wind…eeks, too cold to even talk about.

Hope everyone’s having a good week.

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  1. Very cold! At least my birthday present – penguin flannel pjs showed up in the mail yesterday so I’m somewhat nice and toasty. We’re still in a blizzard warning and the wind is howling.

    Thanks Nell :o)

  2. Up here in Cold Lake you’d think the world was ending. A few businesses closed due to “inclement weather” and all the blizzard hype and then (to me) it was hardly anything but some snow and a bit of wind.

    Certainly not anything like the cold snap we had back in November when things were down to -45C with the windchill!

    Regardless, dress warm, Lis!

  3. I hope you weathered the storm okay! Not good losing power during the extreme cold – hope you are keeping warm!

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