Final marks were posted in the parapsych course last night. Had some nice comments on my research proposal which was good. My literature review was quote ‘first class’. :o) So that’s the highlight of the month. Now just left to wonder when I might get my second pretty certificate in the mail.Read More →

The title pretty much sums things up. A whopping six rejections in five days, do the fun math there :o) It has me thinking and I’ve been given a six month deadline to see if this is what I really want to do. On the better side of things, my intermediate parapsych class is over *sniffle* and my research proposal is handed in, so just waiting oh-so-patiently for it to be marked. I’m hoping it went okay since I pretty well spent three months solid working on it to the neglect of everything else including well Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday. (So that explainsRead More →

Feeling a little inspired by Bailey’s return to the blogosphere, so thought I’d write a quick hello over here. πŸ™‚ Still doing a little more research on my EVP research proposal before I start trying to put it together. I tell you when I first saw the assignment it was totally daunting and it still is, I found a few articles that may help, but I’m still winging it on how to put the whole thing together. Then I had a rough plan for the experiment in my mind, but found something in one article that wipes out a portion of my experiment and makesRead More →

Happy belated 2011!!! I’ve been swamped since my parapsychology course started in November, I’ve spent the last three weeks in research mode, trying to get as much info on EVPs as I can for my research proposal. Still have no clue whatsoever how I’m going to put it all together, but I have another 2 weeks to worry about that. So because of that, I didn’t do much Christmas stuff. Cards went out to only a select few (my favorite great aunt and uncle, oma, couple friends). Have to say that Christmas was pretty much a write-off really.Read More →

June’s pretty well flown by. Spent most of the afternoon outside in the sun planting the last of the verbena plants and not getting any tanner. πŸ™ My parapsych class finished two weeks ago Monday, feels odd not to be working on an essay or something. In really good news, I did exceptionally well (woohoo!!!) on my two papers and got a 97% on my final!!! I didn’t expect to get so high lol I’m looking forward to taking the next level class this fall if I can swing it. Should be interesting as Ciaran promised video lectures from the field which should be fun.Read More →